Personality Tests

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses

We also offer personality tests, which are useful in finding suitable individuals. Personality tests provide a deeper insight into individuals’ traits, behavioral patterns, and working styles.

Personality testing gives deeper insight into the applicants

Personality tests can help the recruiting manager better understand the applicant’s strengths, development areas, and potential. They can also assist employees in gaining better self-awareness and leveraging their strengths more effectively in their work.

We use TalentQ Nordicia as our partner for these tests.

Test results are treated confidentially and can be used after the recruitment process for team-building, career planning, and development discussions.

Through personality testing, various personality types can be identified, such as extroverted, introverted, analytical, or empathetic individuals. With this information, diverse and balanced teams can be built, leveraging different perspectives and strengths.

We provide expert guidance and interpretation of personality test results through our partner, enabling us to assist our clients in understanding the information provided by the tests and applying it to practical situations.

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